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Late Prof Anna Tramontano (1957-2017) has been a pioneer in structural bioinformatics and the first coder of Insight, the prototype software for 3D molecular visualization, modelling, biophysical analysis of protein folding, interaction and mutagenesis. She has also been one of the organisers of the CASP challenge, an international exercise of protein structure prediction, which from 1994 to nowadays has been a boost for all the approaches for structure, function and interaction prediction. As a pioneer and fervent supporter of gender and minority inclusiveness, she has also been a valuable input for the EU programs of women in STEM, and has also encouraged higher education programs for women in Middle East Asia and Africa.

The virtual symposium on April 20th 2021 is aimed at showing Prof Tramontano’s heritage, in particular the advancement of system biology and structural bioinformatics; the integration of Big Data in open repositories; how artificial intelligence-based methods are handling “omics” data.